About Karen Chrappa

Founder of Mountain Spirit Books

Karen founded Mountain Spirit Books to offer online classes and books to ELEVATE and INSPIRE. Her life work has been dedicated to the healing arts as a holistic physiotherapist, contemporary medicine woman, writer and mother of two beautiful daughters. 

After a lifetime in New York, Karen currently lives and thrives in Abiquiu with her dog Jethro, surrounded by the enchanted beauty of rural northern New Mexico.


Message From A Cocoa Leaf

A Call from the Apus

On May 10, 2013 I arrived in Peru for the fourth time. On my first day there I had a cocoa leaf reading. Shamans use cocoa leaves for divination the way one might use tarot cards or tea leaves. Prayers are blown into the leaves and then thrown onto a sacred cloth. The arrangement they make reveals energetic impressions through which the shaman can see.

"Did you write a book?" asked Don Andreas, the Paco or Shaman Priest who was doing my reading. I could not hide my astonishment. "Yes”, I said incredulous.

My first book, A Structure for Spirit, was self-published years earlier and had been abandoned many times to dark closets, back shelves and deep recesses of cyberspace. How could this shaman sitting across from me in the high Andes of Peru possibly know about my obscure little known book? 

"Well you have to make it bigger”, he told me. “You have to include more of what you have learned on your journeys here in Peru. You are like a farmer planting seeds that others in the future may harvest. This wisdom is not your own. It must be shared. The Apus will help you."

The Apus will help me? How could a mountain help me write a book?

Chapter 1 from the forthcoming A Feminine Path to Enlightenment