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How do we move from a fear-based culture to one based in Love? Where is the roadmap?

The roadmap is within. 

You must see yourself bigger than you have ever imagined. The world will not change with your small voice. Your highest voice, your true voice, your soul voice is needed. You have been given everything you need. Powerful guidance is already within you. It is just a matter of accessing that. 

A Vow to Love is that access.

At the heart of this online course is a series of Meditative Yoga videos for you to practice along with that deepen the connection to our Earth Mother as you align with the vibration of Love. 

Through movement, breath, sound and music you will discover the inner roadmap to your highest self while deepening your roots to the source of our Mother Love, the Earth.

The class is supported with written material, ritual and ceremony. All the materials are yours to keep allowing you to practice at your own pace in the privacy of your home. 

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, A Vow To Love will help you become a deeper force of love in the world as you establish a practice or deepen an existing one.

The world is in need of more Lovers. Thank you for taking A Vow To Love.

Sat Nam

What You Receive


  • Discovering love and safety within
  • Learning to replenish your energy from the Earth and her Elements
  • Increasing your strength to hold the vibration of Love
  • Releasing the physical armor in your body that blocks Love
  • Learning how to protect yourself from harmful influences 
  • Improving your receptivity to miracles and blessings in your life
  • Plus more...including rituals and ceremony for energetic cleansing and communion with Spirit

How It Works

It's Simple!

Once you purchase A Vow To Love you receive videos and written materials via four separate emails organized by the elements; AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH. All the materials are yours to keep allowing you to practice at your own pace for as long as you like.

The following videos let you take a Meditative Yoga class from the comfort and privacy of home:


Using movement, breath, sound and music, the videos transform your inner world so you become a deeper vessel for Love in the world around you.

What Others Are Saying

New Possibilities for Awakening the Spirit!

Karen Chrappa does not direct us to a specific spiritual path, but gives us a reliable guide to building a daily practice-which is the only way to have a spiritual path.

You Are Such A Gifted and Generous Teacher!

Working with Karen Chrappa has given me the power to walk through fire and leap over tall buildings. No, even more challenging than those feats, she has helped me to write and manifest!   

A Reliable Guide To Building A Daily Spiritual Practice!

Karen Chrappa's style is excellently suited towards Spirituality studies, and will teach students the material clearly without overcomplicating the subject. Authorities in Spirituality Review

An Amazing Spiritual Tool Kit!

Through her work, Karen Chrappa shows us new possibilities for awakening the Spirit, attuning to the heart and connecting to the world we share with deeper meaning. 

The World Needs Your Wise and Beautiful Soul!

Working with Karen has brought me more peace and understanding than I ever imagined I could have.

So Liberated and Full of Joy!

I've been doing the meditations twice a day and feel so great afterwards -- so liberated and full of joy knowing that my intention is now in the ocean of creativity.  

About Karen Chrappa

Karen has been supporting people through their healing journeys for the past thirty years as a holistic physiotherapist, contemporary medicine woman, writer and author of A Structure for Spirit: A Guidebook to Create A Daily Spiritual Practice. 

She has studied extensively in a wide array of healing practices and is most strongly influenced by yoga, Thai Massage, meditation and energy medicine. She is a mesa carrier in the tradition of the Peruvian Shamans of the Andes and has had a daily spiritual practice for over 20 years.